Things To Do In Taiwan
Things To Do In Taiwan

Things To Do In Taiwan

Are you ready for an exciting trip through the middle of Asia? The lively island of Taiwan is the only place you need to go. This hidden gem has a web of cultural riches, nature wonders, and delicious foods that will make your mouth water. In this guide, we’ll talk about many fun things to do in Taiwan, so your trip will be nothing less than impressive. Read about fun things to do in Croatia.

Embrace the Cultural Tapestry

1. Visit the National Palace Museum

Start your trip at the National Palace Museum, where you can learn about Taiwan’s long past. The Shilin District of Taipei is home to this famous museum, which is one of the world’s most important collections of Chinese art and culture. It gives visitors a unique look into China’s history and culture. The National Palace Museum has a fantastic collection of over 700,000 artifacts that cover almost 8,000 years of Chinese history. These artifacts show how art and culture changed from the Neolithic period to the Qing Dynasty. There are beautiful jade carvings, old bronzes, delicate ceramics, complicated calligraphy, and stunning paintings among these gems. Each one tells a different story about the time it comes from. Some of its most famous pieces are the jadeite cabbage, a carefully carved piece of jade that looks like Chinese cabbage and represents purity and wealth, and the meat-shaped stone, which looks amazingly like a piece of braised pork belly and shows how skilled and careful the artisans were.

One exciting story is about the fantastic museum’s collections’ amazing trip during the Chinese Civil War. As the Communists gained power in the late 1940s, the Nationalist government made the terrible choice to move a big part of the collection from Beijing’s Imperial Palace to Taiwan. The action was dangerous and had to be carefully planned. The artifacts were hidden by being put into crates and secretly sent by train and ship, often at night, to avoid being caught. Many valuable items that would have been lost otherwise were kept safe during the move, protecting an important part of Chinese history. The museum is now not only a place to keep these treasures safe but also a place where people can learn and study.

The organization works hard to study and protect these artifacts so future generations can understand and respect their historical value. Visitors to the National Palace Museum can always find something new to learn about history and enjoy art at the museum’s shows and special events. The exhibitions have been carefully assembled to show different parts of Chinese culture and history. For example, they show how Chinese painting and calligraphy have changed over time and how old bronzes and ceramics show how technology has improved.

The museum also offers educational classes and workshops for people of all ages to learn more about Chinese art and culture. At these events, people can go on guided tours, hear from experts, and do hands-on activities that let them see how art is made. To make its treasures available to people all over the world who can’t come in person, the museum has created many digital resources, such as virtual tours and online exhibitions.

The National Palace Museum is a true example of how Chinese culture lives on. It connects people deeply to the past while looking to the future with cutting-edge study and technology. As you walk through its halls, you feel like you’re going back in time and learning more about the rich cultural history that has shaped Taiwan and the rest of China. Each artifact showcases the best art of its time and tells a story about the people who made and loved it, linking us to the human experience across the ages.

2. Immerse Yourself in Tradition at Jiufen

Go to the beautiful town of Jiufen in the hills of northern Taiwan to feel like you’re back in time. During the Japanese occupation in the early 20th century, this pretty town was a busy place for gold-digging. It is now known for its narrow cobblestone streets and old tea houses. You can feel like you’re in the past when you walk through Jiufen. Every corner has a story from the past. The town has a nostalgic and captivating feel thanks to its mix of Japanese and Chinese building styles and its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most charming things about Jiufen is its maze of narrow streets lined with traditional shops and food stands. People are cooking tasty foods like taro balls, herbal rice cakes, and the famous A-Po herbal jelly, which you can smell as you walk down these streets. Every bite gives you a taste of the town’s long history of good food. With their cozy interiors and expansive views, the tea houses are great places to unwind and enjoy the town’s peaceful beauty. Looking out over the misty mountains and the faraway sea while sipping traditional Taiwanese tea is a relaxing experience that takes you back in time.

The story goes that the famous director Hayao Miyazaki got the idea for the animated classic Spirited Away from Jiufen. It’s clear why as you look around the town. The quirky red lights on the roofs, the winding stairs that lead to secret areas, and the overall magical feel of the place make me think of the movie’s world. Because it is linked to Spirited Away, Jiufen is a popular place for movie fans to visit. They come to experience the dreamy atmosphere for themselves.

Jiufen’s cultural landmarks show how long and interesting its past is. The Shengping Theater is one of the oldest movie theaters in Taiwan. It still shows old movies and honors the past films in the town. The Gold Museum, which is nearby, has exciting displays about Jiufen’s gold mine history. These include mining tools, gold bars, and stories about how the town grew during the gold rush. Visiting this museum, people can learn how Jiufen changed from a small mining village to the cute town it is now.

People also know Jiufen for its lively events and unique customs. During the yearly Lantern Festival, the town is lit up with thousands of lanterns, creating a magical scene that delights both tourists and locals. Folk music, traditional performances, and parades add to the holiday joy and honor the town’s history and sense of community.

As you learn more about Jiufen’s customs, you’ll find a place where the past and present blend together in a magical and one-of-a-kind way. Jiufen is a beautiful part of Taiwan that makes you want to relax and enjoy the timeless charm and rich cultural tapestry. You can do this while trying the local foods, drinking tea in an old tea house, or walking through the town’s winding streets.

3. Conquer Yushan National Park

At Yushan National Park, you’re in for a journey like no other. This is the place to be if you like having fun. Yushan is Taiwan’s most prominent mountain. You can find it in Yushan National Park. Also, guess what? It’s not just the big mountain; there are many climbing trails for people of all skill levels. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’ve been camping before or this is your first time. Imagine climbing to the top of Yushan and seeing the world below you. There are beautiful views as far as the eye can see. It feels great to be on top of the world!

I will tell you a story about a young explorer named Lily. Lily had always wanted to climb a mountain, and when she heard about Yushan, she knew it was her chance. Lily started her trip with her trusty bag and a map. Even though the trails were challenging, Lily was motivated to reach the top. Along the way, she met other walkers who told her about their trips. They told her to keep going, even though the way looked rough and steep. The long hike finally paid off when Lily reached the top of Yushan. She felt like she had accomplished something she had never felt before. She knew this was a moment she would never forget as she took in the beautiful views.

There’s more, though! Go to the beautiful Taroko Gorge after you’ve climbed the mountains. It looks like something from a fairy tale here. Through the marble rocks, the Liwu River has carved a gorge that will take your breath away. Beauty is everywhere, from the tall cliffs to the lush grass all around you. For people who love nature, Taroko Gorge is like heaven. And if you like taking pictures, you’re lucky because every angle is excellent.

So there you have it: two unique places that will take your breath away. It has everything, from the top of Yushan to the bottom of Taroko Gorge. Now Time to get your bags and see the world!

4. Soak in the Beauty of Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a lovely spot to unwind and forget your troubles. Imagine getting away from the busy city and being in a place with only peace. That’s all Sun Moon Lake is about.

One of the best things to do when you get there is to rent a bike. Some tracks go around the lake that you can ride your bike on. It’s fun and exciting but not too stressful. As you ride, the wind will feel in your hair, and the sun will be on your face. The water and mountains in the background will look beautiful.

Don’t worry if you don’t like biking—there’s still a way to enjoy Sun Moon Lake’s beauty. You can get on a boat and let the calm waves take you across the water. You’ll forget about all your problems as you glide along. It feels like you’re in a different world at the lake.

Let me tell you about the name: Sun Moon Lake. It’s called that because of how it looks. From above, one side looks like the sun, and the other looks like the moon. Do you agree that it’s a fantastic sight?

So remember Sun Moon Lake the next time you need a break from your busy life. It’s the ideal spot to unwind, recharge, and enjoy the beauty of nature.
I want to tell you an exciting story about Sun Moon Lake, where the stories are just as interesting as the natural beauty. A story says that a fierce dragon ruled the land around Sun Moon Lake a long time ago. People knew this dragon was horny and would often start storms and floods that would destroy nearby towns.

People in the town were afraid until a brave warrior named Lin went out to face the dragon. Lin set out on a dangerous trip to Sun Moon Lake with only his courage and a magical sword that had been passed down through generations.

As Lin approached the lake, he met an old wise man who told him about the dragon’s weakness: a secret pearl deep in the lake’s water. With this new information, Lin went deep into Sun Moon Lake, determined to get the pearl back and beat the dragon for good.

Lin kept going even though the currents were dangerous and there were scary monsters underwater because he was determined to save his people. It took Lin a long time and a lot of hard work to finally reach the pearl and pull it out of its resting place.

Lin came out of the lake with the pearl and fiercely fought the dragon. Lin beat the dragon with the power of the pearl and his ancestor’s sword, freeing the land from its ruler and bringing peace to the area.

For his bravery, the locals named the lake “Sun Moon Lake” to honor that the sun and moon were again in harmony. They also put up a statue of Lin to look out over the sparkling water as a tribute to his bravery.

People who visit Sun Moon Lake today can still feel the echoes of this old story as they enjoy its peaceful waters and stunning views. And even though the dragon is long gone, its spirit lives on in Sun Moon Lake’s timeless beauty and enchantment.

5. Savor Street Food Extravaganza

Taiwan’s famous street food is a must-try when you go there. The Raohe Night Market is a unique place where food lovers worldwide come together to enjoy a unique culinary trip. According to a story, Raohe Night Market was a simple place where fishermen would sell the fresh fish they caught that day to people in the nearby villages. As time went on, the market turned into a busy place where food sellers worldwide came to sell their delicious goods.

At Raohe Night Market, you can go on a culinary adventure. As you walk through its busy streets, the smell of frying meats, savory snacks, and sweet treats will make your mouth water. Every bite, from the famous stinky tofu to the renowned oyster omelets, is a burst of tastes that will make you want more. You can get grilled squid on a stick or a bowl of hot beef noodle soup. Whatever your taste buds wish to, you can find it here.

You can eat at Raohe Night Market, but it’s also a feast for the eyes and ears. At night, colorful lanterns light up the sky and glow warmly over the busy streets below. People walking by are entertained by street artists who play music and dance. This makes the market feel even livelier. In the middle of all the action, some friendly sellers are eager to share their food and stories with you.

For more than thirty years, Mrs. Chen has been selling her famous scallion pancakes at Raohe Night Market. Let me tell you a story about her. Mrs. Chen learned the secret recipe from her grandmother, who got it from her great-grandmother. Every night, Mrs. Chen shows up at the market with a box full of freshly made pancakes and a smile. The crispy, golden treats that have made her stand as a beloved market fixture have made her customers wait in line for hours.

Take a cooking class to get a feel for how good the food is on the island. Local experts will teach you how to make traditional Taiwanese foods so you can bring the tastes of Taiwan back home with you. You will learn a lot about Taiwan’s rich culinary history as you master skills like making xiao long bao or improving the art of stir-frying.

So come to Raohe Night Market and enjoy its lively atmosphere and tempting foods. As you go on a culinary trip that will make you want more, let your taste buds lead the way.

6. Tea Tasting in Alishan

Taiwan is an excellent place for tea lovers, and you must go to Alishan. Listen to this story about Mr. and Mrs. Chang. They have spent their whole lives growing tea in the snowy mountains of Alishan. This family has been taking great care of their tea fields for many years, making some of the best teas in Taiwan.

Enjoy a peaceful tea-tasting adventure in the misty mountains of Alishan. You’ll feel like you’re in a quiet and beautiful place when you drink a nice cup of High Mountain Oolong or Alishan Black Tea. While you taste the tea, Mr. Chang will share his knowledge of how to grow and make tea, which has been passed down through generations in his family.

You can try well-known types like High Mountain Oolong and Alishan Black Tea while learning about the complicated process of growing tea. Every sip of this tea tells a story about the land and the people who have spent their whole lives making these beautiful teas. When you look out over Alishan’s rolling hills and lush greenery, you’ll understand why tea lovers worldwide love this place so much.

Feel free to visit Alishan and enjoy its rich past and delicious food. Take a trip like no other to taste tea while being enchanted by the misty mountains and fragrant tea gardens.

You should buy a trusted local SIM card to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Let me tell you about Emma, a tourist who got lost in Taipei’s busy streets. Emma had difficulty navigating the city’s winding alleys and busy intersections because she only had a paper plan and needed to learn more Mandarin. She was frustrated and lost and wanted to find a way to stay linked and get up-to-date information on the newest events and attractions.

Having a local SIM card helped Emma stay linked, which was very helpful. She had her smartphone, so it was easy for her to use mapping apps, translation tools, and online resources to help her get around Taipei. Getting the information right away made all the difference in Emma’s travels, whether she was looking for the closest metro stop or reading reviews of a famous night market.

Getting a solid local SIM card helped Emma find her way and gave her peace of mind because she knew she could call for help at any time. Emma could stay in touch with family and friends back home through social media while exploring ancient temples in Tainan or trying street food in Kaohsiung. She also made experiences that would last a lifetime.

In conclusion, buy an excellent local SIM card if you want to visit Taiwan. Staying linked will make your trip more enjoyable, help you get around this beautiful island nation quickly, and help you make the most of your time there.


Taiwan offers a wide range of experiences that combine old and new, natural and urban pleasures. Taiwan has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, excitement, or food. It would be best if you got ready for a journey you will remember for a long time. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore.

1. What are the must-try dishes in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a culinary paradise with a diverse range of dishes. Some must-try delicacies include Beef Noodle Soup, Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), Stinky Tofu, Oyster Omelets, and the famous Bubble Tea.

2. Is it necessary to learn Mandarin before visiting Taiwan?

While many locals in Taiwan speak Mandarin, especially in urban areas, you can get by with English in tourist areas. Learning basic Mandarin phrases can enhance your experience, but it’s not a necessity for an enjoyable trip.

3. What’s the best time to visit Taiwan?

The best time to visit Taiwan is during the fall (September to November) when the weather is mild, and there’s less rainfall. Spring (March to May) is also a good time when cherry blossoms bloom. However, Taiwan has something to offer year-round, so plan according to your preferences.

4. Are there any cultural etiquettes I should be aware of?

Yes, a few cultural etiquettes will enhance your experience. It’s customary to greet others with a slight bow or nod, especially when meeting someone for the first time. Removing your shoes before entering someone’s home is a sign of respect, and it’s polite to accept gifts with both hands.

5. How can I explore Taiwan on a budget?

Taiwan can be budget-friendly. Opt for affordable accommodation options, explore street food markets for budget-friendly meals, and use public transportation like the efficient MRT system in Taipei. Many attractions, such as parks and temples, are free or have nominal entrance fees. Consider purchasing a transportation pass for additional savings.

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